The Duke is back in the Political Arena

That would be Dr. David Duke – has recently appeared in the race for Baton Rouge’s open congressional seat, in an advertisement: David Duke’s Name Enters GOP Congressional Race.  Could this be the door opening for a John McCain – David Duke 2008 ticket? 

The Hillary Clinton Feminists and Barack “The Magic Negro” Hussein Obama supporters better hope not. Everything a McCain-Duke ticket offers would stand directly opposite of the Socialist – Marxist views those crack pots stand for.  True Americans, the ones who actually love this country and want to defend it, would vote them out in a landslide.

 Yeah, we know it’s not likely to happen due to the current legislation but on the off chance that we can overturn this legislation and make The American Dream Team a reality, it is a nice dream.


~ by JohnMcCain2008 on February 28, 2008.

9 Responses to “The Duke is back in the Political Arena”

  1. How is two old white men going to wrestle a victory out of the zealots who support Obama?

    I don’t see this happening… if anything Kay Bailey Hutchison, Senator from Texas is far more likely to balance out the ticket.

    Even if McCain does manage to grab the presidency, it will only be marginally better than a president of the left’s choosing.


  2. Get real James. You anmd I both know Duke isn’t legally eligible to run at this time. However, if McCain runs with someone who shares his conservative stance for: continuing the war, fixing the economy, and solving the influx of undesirable immigrants while standing strong against: abortion, gays, he will slaughter the Dems.

    All that Ron Paul kool-aid has fried your brain.

  3. His policy on continuing the war alone will almost assure him a defeat… regardless of his VP nominee.

    … and again Hutchinson is considerably more conservative than Duke… and again i would have to question the logic behind putting Duke in that position. Legality aside, it is not a smart move to run on an unpopular stance such as Iraq with two old white men as your choice against either a black male or a woman. It would almost assure defeat.

    I didn’t say anything about Dr. Paul, although i do agree with a lot of his positions. And to an extent i agree with some of your positions, such as, free trade, lower taxes and immigration.


  4. I don’t agree with you James. His stand on war is just one of the reasons he will win. We aren’t just in some scuffle, sport, we have terrorists cells in every country who want to kill us.

  5. “we have terrorists cells in every country who want to kill us.”

    Fear-monger much?

    They hate us because we’ve been meddling in their internal conflicts since World War I. Putting one regime in power over another… with little regard for which of the two movements actually have popular support. So when our puppet regime fails due to an overwhelming opposition… they blame us… and then declare a jihad. We should leave the area to them… develop our own energy sources, or kick the sierra club out of congress and start drilling in the gulf and Alaska and provide our own oil.


  6. Your utter xenophobia is scary and to think that there are more people like you who know nothing of the real issues that face America, and what you do “know” you get from the likes of Fox “News” and other right-wing nutjobs as if they were divine mandate. Any person who rallys around Obama’s middle name is nothing more than a backwater hick racist that makes me wonder if we should just give the south back to you crazy hicks.

  7. “is nothing more than a backwater hick racist that makes me wonder if we should just give the south back to you crazy hicks.”

    I apologize for coming off a bit racist myself here. I mean it in a cynical view as a frustration with the people who refuse to enter the 21st (Sometimes even the 20th) century socially

  8. Also. I don’t even have to argue with this blog anymoe. The fact that you honestly could support a former KKK Grand Wizard for a Vice President speaks more volumes about your lack of character than any words I could possibly type.

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