Our Republican Creed

We do not choose to be a common person.

It is our right to be Superior.

 If We can seek opportunity, not security,

We want to take the calculated risk to dream and

build, to fail and to succeed.

We refuse to barter incentive for dole.

We prefer the challenges of life to

accepting guaranteed handouts,

the reawrd of hard work and achievement

to the state of Liberal stagnancy.

 We will never trade America’s freedom for beneficence,

nor our dignity for anything.

We will never cower before any master,

other than the one true God.

It is our heritage to stand upright,

proud and unafraid.

To think and act for ourselves, enjoy the

benefit of our creations; to face the whole world

boldly and say,

“We are free Republican Americans.”


One Response to “Creed”

  1. You got that right.

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